The mission of Central Washington Soccer Academy is to create a learning environment for soccer in the community that players and families are proud to be associated with. CWSA provides the highest level of training, competition, and player development in

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CW Sounders is committed to providing a superior experience for your player and also understands that it is important to keep costs affordable.   Premier soccer by its nature is more expensive than recreational play as it typically includes professional coaching, travel, and higher level league and registration fees.  The final cost depends on the division you play in, the number of players on your team, and whether or not you have a paid CW Sounders coach.
The costs and fees are described in detail below.

2019 Player Registration Costs


Payment Plan #1: Pay $525 in full
Payment Plan #2: Pay $300 down and 2 payments of $120 = $540 total
Payment Plan #2: Pay $300 down and 3 payments of $185 = $555 total
1.) Players MUST pay $300 by June 28th to secure a spot on the team.  This is when choosing payment plan #2 or #3.
2.) Player registration cost is NON-REFUNDABLE
League fees (2018/19 Season)
Per team fees are based on division ($550 – Premier, $350 – Classic, $200 – Copa per season). Division placed in is based on performance.  Click here for League Definitions.

Per player fees are based on team division and # of players.  High School players only play one season - younger ages play two (Fall & Spring).  

For example a U12 player playing on a team with 14 players in the Classic division would have a per season league fee of $350/14 = $25. They would play two seasons - so their total per player league fee for the year would be $50.



Monthly Coaching Fees


Monthly fees are based on coaches experience and currently held license.  Any coach has the ability to scholarship a player based on financial need.  This only pertains to teams where players try out and are placed with paid coaches that participate in the Premier and Classic levels. 

If you bring a team in and provide your own coach you can only participate in the Copa and Classic divisions. You will still pay registration, league and any tournament fees but no coaches fees apply. 


Breakdown of Coach Licensing Fees: Coaching fees are per player monthly fees, to be paid monthly.


*Coaching Qualifier: When a coach has 10 years of coaching experience at the Club level, add an additional $5.00/month per player to their licensing level.


Example: Coach holds B license-$45/month  Experience: 10 yrs Club Coaching: Add $5.00/month Total $50/month per player


1) USSF A & NSCAA Masters $50/month

2) USSF B & NSCAA Premier $45/month

3) USSF C & NSCAA Adv. National $40/month

4) USSF D & NSCAA National $35/month

5) USSF E & NSCAA 6 $30/month

6) USSF F & NSCAA 1-5 $25/month

7) No License $20/month



Additional Expenses


Coach’s travel expenses: Travel expenses are paid a flat $100 per trip unless overnight accommodations are needed then associated hotel and $35 a day meal allowance will apply.  These expenses are divided by the rostered players.

Mandatory Items

UniformsAll teams are required to wear approved CW Sounder game kits.  The mandatory uniform kit consists of 1 pair of socks,1 pair of shorts, and 2 jerseys.

Warm-up Gear: The warm-up kit consists of a 1 jacket and 1 pant. 


Uniforms & Warm-up Gear Price:



Tournaments: Your team will participate in several tournaments throughout the year. Tournament fees will divided by all rostered players, regardless of attendance unless approved by coach.



Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions. Email    or call 509-941-8441