The mission of Central Washington Soccer Academy is to create a learning environment for soccer in the community that players and families are proud to be associated with. CWSA provides the highest level of training, competition, and player development in

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CWS Premier Coaching Staff 2022/2023

Marty Lackey - Girls Director of Coaching, Head Coach
Teams: G08 White, G06/07 Navy, B14 Navy, B14/15 White
Coach Lackey’s Profile
(509) 941-8441

Nasario Cuevas - Boys Director of Coaching, Head Coach
Teams: B06 Navy, B07 Navy, B08 Navy, B12 Navy
(509) 494-4429

Miguel Covvarubias - Assistant Coach
Team: B06 Navy, B03 Navy
(509) 945-5206

Ramon Cuevas - Assistant Coach
Teams: B09 Navy, G14 Grey
(509) 833-9553

Armando Arroyo - Assistant Coach
Team: B07 Navy
(509) 895-9849

Dennis Stevenson - Head Coach
Teams: B08 White, B11 White, B13 Navy
(509) 941-8732

Gerd Strom - Head Coach
Team: G10 Navy, G11 Navy, G12 Navy
(509) 307-1055

Nick Fries - Assistant Coach
Team: G09 Navy
(509) 961-9363

Justin Lizotte - Head Coach
Teams: G08 Navy, G04/04 Navy
(509) 949-5902

Gary Mellick - Assistant Coach
Teams: G05 Navy
(509) 961-7712

Josh Vega - Head Coach
Teams: G08 White, G09 Navy, G13 Navy, G15 Navy, CWS Girls High School Team
(509) 833-5648

Wes Ketcham - Head Coach
Team: B11 Navy

German Gutierrez - Head Coach
Team: B10 Navy, B10 White

Dan Gallegos - Head Coach
Team: B12 White
(509) 972-2867

Nick Malstrom - Head Coach
Team: B06 White
(509) 901-3686

Juan Arias - Head Coach
Team: G14 Navy
(509) 834-1989

Jason Timm - Head Coach
Team: G10 White, G12 White
(509) 969-5271

Melissa Timm - Assistant Coach
Team: G10 White, G12 White
(509) 969-5271

Jeff Ketcham - Assistant Coach
Team: G11 Navy
(509) 833-5564

Bryan Ketcham - Assistant Coach
Team: G10 Navy
(509) 930-9339

Victor Calderon - Head Coach
Team: B10 Grey, B11 Grey
(509) 961-8940